Rachel Addison

Rachel Addison

Sleep Hygiene

As a clinical practitioner and a yoga instructor, I’ve been super excited for a very long time to combine these qualifications with my immense love and study of essential oils. I’m so pleased to finally announce I have begun the process of developing tools to help you amplify your mental health wellness routines by incorporating the emotional benefits of essential oils.

I will be drawing on various therapy modalities including but not limited to cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, dialectical behavioral therapy, narrative therapy and solution-focused therapy in order to create practical self-help tools targeted at various ages and various emotions.

I have an amazingly talented design artist on board who will be turning my drafts into more professional worksheets once I work out the kinks, so please do send me your feedback or requests for specific content.

Below you’ll find the second of more to come.  Feel free to utilize the PDFs to download, print, share etc… I just ask that you do not alter or modify my work. I value your feedback, so don’t forget to let me know what works for you and what doesn’t + any other suggestions for improvements.

The following publication is a detailed workbook with healthy sleep hygiene habits and psychoeducation, including the incorporation of essential oils into your sleep routines as well as a 2 week sleep diary program to help you improve your sleep. Follow the links and let me know what you think!

Sleep Hygiene Healthy Tips Mini Book & Sleep Diary Log:

Sleep Hygiene with Essential Oils


For our last worksheet, check out this mindfulness exercise for calming down extra energy or nerves:

To be updated on our future publications of free resources for mental health & essential oils, follow @intertwined_wellness

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