We are a growing team of people committed to health, abundance and purpose through a Young Living Business. While our reasons and goals in doing the business vary greatly, we all share the common passion for using quality products to enhance our health while protecting our environment.

There are so many great benefits of choosing to start a Young Living Business with our team and we would love to share them with you. Some of us have the financial goals of simply off-setting our own commitment to toxin free home while others have committed to this business all in with the goal of reaching the highest promotion level of this business with an average income of 132,000 per month.

Young living is not a get rich quick scheme. You will not succeed in this business without working at it. But it is absolutely possible to succeed in this business no matter your credentials, experience or background. There is no glass ceiling. One of our favourite quotes about working a Young Living Business is: ‘You’ll work for a short time like most people won’t so that you can live the rest of your life like most people can’t”.

As a mental health clinician and someone passionate about healthy living, I was initially attracted to the idea of a little second stream of income I could earn by sharing about something I love. In a short amount of time, I saw the ease of off setting my own product purchases, allowing me to afford creating a toxin free home with zero out of pocket costs. Not long after, I started seeing my income approach what I was earning monthly as a qualified clinical practitioner. It was at this stage, that I really started to grasp the endless potential of this income opportunity. I love counselling and I envision always doing it in some capacity. However, through Young Living, I have the opportunity to earn true financial freedom with residual income simply by giving others access to products that allow them to live a truly healthy lifestyle. I have a community of friends doing it alongside me who I deeply care about. We are each other’s boss, we choose who we want to succeed with, we are creating residual income and time freedom for our families. We are generating an income that can be willed as ongoing income to our children should anything happen to us. We represent a company that has integrity and values all the things I do such as zero-waste, sustainability and toxin free living. And if we continue to work towards our goals, eventually our time for income exchange will be completely on our terms. If that’s a pyramid scheme, then I say, sign me up!
To learn more about the Young Living business just contact Rachel. If you were referred by someone else, just be sure to mention it as I’ll always honour that in how you join our team.