Rapunzel Hair Spritz
Rachel Addison

Rachel Addison

Rapunzel Hair Spritz

I can still remember the days of sitting on the edge of my mom’s bed while she brushed thru my long thick locks as a little girl.. I loved how she would spritz on the ‘No More Tangles Spray’ – you know the one with a yellow label and a happy little blond with two fresh pig tails???

TRUE STORY: as I started this post with the above sentences, I had the thought to see if my crazy memory was on point and sure enough, here is the label I am recalling!

Oh, what I would give to have someone brush my hair like that these days! Yet, somehow, for many little girls (and boys with luscious locks too), it seems like the worst thing ever and inevitably turns into the Battle of the Brush.

Well, now the tables have turned and I spend many a morning trying to get my little one to sit still long enough for me to brush her long blonde hair. She has thick hair like me and often wakes up with a matted mess.  I’m certain I’m not actually hurting her when I’m lovingly brushing through her hair, but still, it often becomes a game of cat & mouse as I chase her around the house with the brush.

When I decided to pick up the modern version of ‘No More Tangles Spray’, it didn’t surprise me that the only indgredient I could pronounce was water and  it was loaded with things I didn’t want to be spraying all over my little one. (Ingredients linked to skin & eye irritation, others linked with asthma, not to mention unnecessary preservatives & fragrances).

So off to my recipe books & favourite blogs I went. After a few trial and errors, here is the recipe that has worked best for us… This can work for people of any age as a leave-in spray for tangles or frizz as well.

Rapunzel Hair Spritz


  • 250 mL spray bottle (ideally glass)
  • Approximately 1 . 5 cups distilled water
  • 3 tablespoons Marshmallow Root (You may find this in your local health food store – If you’re local to Gerringong, Heart & Sol Kiama ordered for me). I also recommend the Frontier Brand you can find on iherb.com *Note this doesn’t smell great, so the oils are really helpful in offering a more delicious scent.
  • 1 large spoonful of Young Living Lavender Mint or Copaiba Vanilla conditioner
  • 10-15 total drops of Essential Oils of Choice as listed below for specific hair needs


  • Bring water and marshmallow root to a boil in a covered saucepan on medium to high heat 
  • Reduce heat to simmer for approximately 20 minutes, if you leave this too long, the marshmallow root will absorb most of your liquid, so set a timer if you’re easily distracted like me!
  • Let cool slightly and strain through a cheesecloth or mesh strainer
  • At this stage, I prefer to pour the liquid into a mason or tightly sealed jar instead of the spray bottle for more vigorous shaking to fully disperse the conditioner.
  • Add conditioner and shake vigorously while still warm
  • Pour mixed contents into spray bottle (ideally glass for optimal essential oil storage)
  • Ensuring your liquid is no longer HOT, add your essential oils of choice as listed below
  • This bottle has generally lasted 3-6 months for us and I’ve never experienced it ‘going off’ in that timeframe

Essential Oil Options (Choose any combination of the following based on scent preference & hair needs):

Chamomile (either roman or German), Geranium, Ylang Ylang, Lavender or Clary Sage: All great options for supporting overall healthy hair nourishment, especially for dry hair/scalps.

Lemon, Patchouli or Tea Tree: Good for oily hair. Lemon may slightly lighten/highlight hair over time, especially if going in sunlight after use

Cedarwood: Supports healthy circulation, so can support healthy hair follicles

Rosemary: Creates an unfriendly atmosphere for lice/nits, so a good option for littles in daycare/school. Also supports healthy hair growth & strength

Tangerine or Lemongrass:  Just because the smell delicious and can support both nourished and cleansed hair.

This was a good morning of slight rat nest:


After a few sprays of her Rapunzel Spritz and a gentle brushing session.

We especially love our Rapunzel Spray on Ballet Day!

Get creative with your little one and make a sweet label, name it what you like “Camilla’s Magic Hair Potion” was ours before Rapunzel stole her heart. I hope this spray helps you enjoy the precious time of brushing your littles hair xo

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