Rachel Addison

Rachel Addison

Oven Cleaning with Thieves

? Cleaning Tip?
Oven before & after Thieves clean ?
No need to ever use toxin laden oven cleaner nor the self-cleaner option (which can cause long term damage to fuses and elements not to mention the vapors released).

My Oven Before: It might be a bit hard to see, but it was pretty covered in grease and the bottom was covered in gunk.

1. Wipe oven of excess crumbs

2. Spray generously with thieves household cleaner (1/2 capful to 8 oz water in spray bottle – can be more concentrated if extra greasy oven).

 3. Cover with thick layer of baking soda (bi carb soda). Leave for several hours then remove excess soda (dust pan or vacuum work well for this).

4. Wipe remaining soda with a cloth. I love my Norwex grease cloth for this.

5. Spray and wipe final thieves round for sparkle finish?

Helpful Hints:

? Reduce plastic by saving old glass bottles like apple cider vinegar to screw tops from your old cleaning sprays and store in glass.
♨ wipe all soda out or it may smoke
?may need to repeat for extra greasy ovens

Happy cleaning and rest easy knowing you’re baking your family dinner without toxic vapors!!!  

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