Rachel Addison

Rachel Addison

Mothers Day Stall

Hello Beautiful GPS Mama,

Happy Mother’s Day!

So glad you came by to check out more about the Gerringong Public School Mothers Day Stall gift you received from your thoughtful little one.

These gifts were handcrafted with organic, simple ingredients by a group of Gerringong mamas who are passionate about kicking chemicals from our homes and reducing the impact of waste on our planet.

Your gifts are super easy and affordable to make at home + are great fun to do with the kids too. We’ve detailed the recipes below for your reference and here are some of the photos of the process for your enjoyment!


Don’t worry, we gave ourselves breaks and always have plenty of fun too! 

About us: We are a team of Young Living Educators running our small businesses alongside other careers as teachers, psychologists, physiotherapists, nurses, yoga instructors & most importantly, as mums. We’re always happy to teach workshops of any theme, whether toxin-free home & cleaning, essential oils for emotional or physical wellness, DIY craft fun, fundraisers, kids classes, and beyond.  Refer to the bottom of the page for more information as to how you can learn more about our Low-Tox Living Community for collaborations, learning or purchasing.

We also have an Oily Mamas Playgroup every 2nd Tuesday of term & you are more than welcome to join us to learn more. Details Here: Natural Mamas Meet & Greet Term2

GPS Mothers Day Gift Stall R E C I P E S

Mermaid Hair: This indulgent hair serum can be used as a detangler or a leave-in conditioner. The recipe was inspired by my year 1 daughter who has beautiful long locks which get oh so tangled every night while she sleeps. Somehow, our mornings are so much more magical when she gets some mermaid hair serum before we attempt to brush it! It’s infused with some of Cleopatra’s favorite oils and is perfect for strengthening and smoothing hair as well as gently working through the knots to make your morning a breeze. Shake before each use. Pump into palms and work gently thru hair as needed.

  • Use a 50 ml spritz or serum bottle (Centaur Packaging has a great supply)
  • Add approximately 1 tsp of conditioner (we used Young Living as detailed below) + 40 ml boiled water (boiled distilled water is ideal but not necessary) + 1/4 tsp witch hazel + 5-8 drops essential oils of choice: we used Ylang Ylang + Cedarwood + Lavendar. (Different oils for different hair types and needs, touch base if you would like to learn more, including about oils that nits steer clear of)!!!
  • Shake vigorously until well blended.
  • Shake before each use. Pump into palms and work gently thru hair as needed.

*Copaiba Vanilla Conditioner from Young Living: We chose to use this particular conditioner in your Mermaid Hair recipe as it’s the most luscious toxin-free completely safe plant-based conditioner out there. Because it has zero fillers or foaming agents, one bottle lasts for at least 3x longer than general conditioners. Bonus it smells amazing without hormone-disrupting fragrance.

Relax Bath Salts:

  • Fill 250 ml jar 2/3 with Epsom Salts + Add 1 TBSP Bi Carb Soda + optional lavender cuttings + 3-5 drops essential oils of choice: we used Stress Away + Tangerine.
  • Gently shake or stir to combine.
  • Add approximately 100 ml to a hot bath or foot soak.

Mum & Me Lip Balm:


For Lip Blam, we used this tried & true recipe from Wellness Mama linked below. We substituted the shea butter for cocoa butter to make this one Choc-Mint flavor and only used half the essential oil drops as more can be too strong for little ones lips (15 total per batch) . https://wellnessmama.com/25459/imitation-burts-bees-lip-balm/

All Essential oils are Young Living. After tons of research and years of personal use, these are the oils we trust to be the very best available and thus why we founded on business thru them.  Young Living Oils and all the infused, toxin-free home and personal care products can be purchased by contacting us directly via email, direct message or 0491 112 543. To learn more about why we’ve concluded that Young Living are the only oils we are willing to use on are family, check out this free audio 101 class taught by our friend & certified aromatherapist, Sarah. Please note, some of her information is USA specific, but is all still very relative. See here or simply touch base with us directly: https://oilabilityteam.com/essential-oils-101/


Follow Up Learning or Collaboration Opportunities:

  • Follow our Intertwined Instagram Page for more recipes, education & inspiration on essential oils and all things low-tox living @intertwined_wellness and Facebook: Intertwined Wellness
  • Collaborate for an Event or Business: There possibilities are endless for Essential Oils to compliment an event or business – if you would like to incorporate oils into your business, stock products, collaborate on a fundraiser, use products or create hampers for client or customer gifts etc… touch base and we’ll chat about the possibilities to meet your needs
  • Simply get in touch if you would like to learn more, chat over a cuppa about your own families needs for oils, attend a workshop, host a party or event or join our team to get your own oils free or earn a side business income. As part of Intertwined Wellness, we all work together as a team, so never worry about stepping on anyone’s toes. We have an amazing community of support and would love for you to become a part of it!

We hope you enjoy your gifts and to hear from you with any questions or feedback soon!


Gerringong Team Intertwined xx

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