Rachel Addison

Rachel Addison

How to Order your Savvy Make Up

The information below should help you determine how to order the Savvy Make Up based on your circumstances:

  • I am already a Young Living Member:

If you are already a Young Living member, simply add your choice of Savvy products to your next order.

*Unsure at this time if Savvy will be available to add to Essential Rewards orders or just ‘standard/quick orders’ following the launch.

  • I am not a Young Living Member:

If you are not a Young Living Member, you have two primary options for ordering your make up.

  1. Option 1: Purchase the make up Retail & not bother with a membership – see below for details how
  2. Option 2: Purchase a custom start in order to become a wholesale member & receive 24% off all your Young Living, including Savvy Products thereafter – see below for details

Whether you choose retail or wholesale, you will be asked upon ordering thru the Young Living Site for the number of who referred you.

  • If a Young Living Distributor referred you to my site, I encourage you to touch  ase with them about how to sign up on their team. We all work hard as Young Living Distributors & every new team member is a blessing – I’m happy for you to benefit from the tools & information I offer, but please give the credit for your order to the person who shared the benefits of Young Living with you and directed you here!
  • If you found my site on your own, I would love for you to join my team & promise to support you along your wellness journey – see below for more details on how to join my team.


  • I’m ready to check out the ordering process:
  1. Go to:
  2. Make sure the country & language are accurate
  3. Make sure ‘Member’ is Selected. This simply gives you wholesale pricing with no contracts or obligations – NO requirement to sell oils or order ever again (membership will become inactive if no order for 12+ months)
  4. Alternatively, choose Retail, but you will pay 24% more
  5. Please ensure 3898915 is entered for sponsor and enroller ID to join my team (or whoever’s # referred you)
  6. Enter your information & accept terms
  7. You will then be given the option to ‘Create your Essential Rewards Kit’ or ‘Regular Order’. Here’s my input…

I LOVE my Essential Rewards Program (ER) & hope everyone will jump on it! The benefits are listed on the site when making the choice. You can switch up your cart every month to get all your household cleaning products, personal care, Savvy Make Up and oils stock as needed with a really generous rewards back program. So it’s not additional expense to your budget, it’s just buying better toxin-free versions of those same things with a really generous rewards back program. You maintain a PV (personal volume) of at least 50 each month. This depends on your country & currency, but is usually around 50PV =  $50 USD and $75 AUD on most products . If you’re not ready to commit to ER, I still suggest you get your kit that way as you’ll get reduced shipping & the first rewards back and then can cancel the following month after spending your cashback!  SO you decide…

  • If you chose Essential Rewards, select ‘shop catalog’ & Under ‘Opportunity’ select ‘Starter Kits’ & choose the
    Starter Kit that meets your needs. If you choose a basic kit, the culinary kit is the best deal at AU $62 and including Orange, Lemon & Stress Away Oils + more. Then Add anything else you would like to the order (Suggestions for a basic Savvy custom starter set below). 
  • If you really want to embrace an oily, toxin-free lifestyle, the Premium Kit is an amazing way to get started with 11 bottles of oil + a diffuser and more. Feel free to email or message me if you need support weighing your options. Add anything else you would like to the order (Suggestions for a basic Savvy custom starter set below).

  • If you chose Regular Order, simply select the starter kit + whatever other products & Savvy make up you would like and check out.

In a few days your products will be at your doorstep and I will be happy to support your oiling journey!

Thank you for blessing my family by supporting my business!!!

Below you’ll find some general suggestions for adding on a basic custom starter Savvy Make Up Set to your order (Prices are in U.S. Dollars based on the USA Savvy Launch & Australian Prices will be added when launched here):

I suggest choosing 5 of the recommended products below. If you are a member or take the opportunity to join now, this totals approximately $132 (USD depending on lipstick v. gloss). That’s a small price to pay to transition to a complete set of toxin free make up!


  • Foundation: Name speaks for itself, it is the foundation to your make up kit. The Savvy Foundation can double as a concealer when used in combination with the misting spray or another water based spritz. Choose your shade or don’t be afraid to get two for blending as well as Summer/Winter Use (USD $ 44)

The Savvy Swatch Cards available through this site are a great way to determine the right shade for you & your team member’s foundation.

  • Choose a Blush or a Bronzer: while some distributors recommend the blush as an essential part of your custom make up starter set, I personally find the blush to be more versatile. Like blush, it can provide the radiant, healthy tones while also doubling as an eye shadow. If you are more inclined to have blushing cheeks than a sun-kissed finish, go with one of the three blushes instead.

Blushes $27.75 USD: I do believe you’re blushing, smashing or passionate

Bronzer: $27.75 USD: Summer Loved or Crowned All Over

  • MultiTasker: This stuff is amazing. It can be used as eyeliner, eye shadow, eye brows & mix with blush for lip liner. (USD $20.75)
  • Eye Shadow: Choose from the many eye shadows that is right for you. I really like the Best Kept Secret Matte as it can be used for heavier concealer as well. As you add to your eye shadow collection, the Best Kept Secret goes well when accentuated by most of the other shadows, my favourite combination is with wanderlust. Check out the Eyeshadow Products Link below to get an idea of the shades available by selecting your choices on the site: (USD $15.25)

  • Lipgloss or Lipstick: For your final touch to your basic kit, I have never liked lip gloss or lipstick prior to trying these. The lip gloss is not too sticky & neither of them dry out my lips after using them. The lipstick seems to stay on for longer than the gloss, but both stay on better than any other brands I’ve used in the past. Again check out the products pages linked below to see your choices in shades.

Lip Gloss: $27.50 USD: Abundant, Embrace, Journey or Maven:

Lipstick: $22.75 USD: Adore, Daydream, On a Whim, Uptown Girl or Wish

  • I would include the mascara just launched in the USA market in my basic starter set; however, as it wasn’t launched with the initial line, I’m not sure whether they will include it in the initial launch here. Either way, I know I can’t wait to get some when it is released!
  • The final additional product I would seriously considering adding is the misting spray. It was out of stock when I placed my order, so I ended up making a DIY version, which is okay too. But from what I hear, this is one of the most loved Savvy Products. It compliments the application and setting of the mineral make up perfectly, giving a flawless look to your make up!

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