Vedic Meditation Course

Meditation is the internal pivot from a life searching for meaning and betterment from an external source, to an enriched and contented inner life where stress, friction and confusion no longer reside, and meaning, purpose and fulfilment thrive.

What is meditation? – The quietening, cleaning and calming of the mind space.

Meditation is the art of taking the mind from experiencing and digesting life through the 5 senses, turning it 180 degrees inward and moving our awareness into quieter and more refined levels, where the mind can relax and expand. What is unique about Vedic meditation is the potency of this simple and scientifically-backed technique, that it not only quietens the mind but through the use of a unique mantra (vibrational sound) we eventually transcend the mind completely and interact with the source of thought and creativity where new, unique and innovative ideas can move to the surface and stress and internal tensions melt away.

Group Vedic Meditation courses are run every month, over 4 x 75 minute sessions over 2 consecutive days.

You’ll learn how to effortlessly enter a meditative state in the first session via personalised instruction. The following three sessions further refine your practice and by the completion of the course you’ll have practical experience combined with a deep theoretical understanding that allows you to practice entirely on your own, anywhere, anytime. Address details and specific timings will be sent in your final confirmation.

Vedic Meditation Course Contribution

The course fee includes the 4 x session course which will leave you completely self-sufficient in your practice, a follow-up session to refine practice if needed, lifetime support and access to group meditation sessions.

Fee: $1000 inc GST

Payment plans are available, please contact us for more information

For more information on the technique, course and our teacher Rachael Sardelich, click HERE


Aug 06 - 07 2020



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