Sexy Body, Healthy Mind: Your Path to Whole Health, Whole Self

Do you want to work towards your idea of a sexy, healthy, happy & fit you? 

Are you ready to embrace your body for all that it’s done but also pursue your desired healthy body goals with an individualised action plan? 

 Learn how to better understand your body constitution and how to address underlying physiological and psychological barriers to achieving your desired fitness, energy levels and version of sexy.  Create a realistic, sustainable and fad-free action plan to work towards the best version of yourself. Redefine what Sexy Body really means to you and how to cultivate it through a healthy mind set, healthy behaviours and ultimately whole self & whole health.  

 What this Seminar is NOT: 

 A promotion of diets, products, fads or a standard of sexy body norms. 

 What this Seminar IS:  

 Clinical education and strategies with up to date holistic evidence regarding body constitution, stress response system, gut-brain connection and microbiome health, the impact of emotions on physical health and solutions to achieve your ideal sexy body goals through a healthy mind set. 

 What you can expect: Education & Empowerment through Evidence based clinical education presented by Doctor Verena PhD Nutrition & Neuro-Training Kinesieologist and Rachel Addison, Clinical Therapist.  The emphasis will be on outcomes tailored to your needs through clinical assessment and sustainable lifestyle choices while allowing for grace, intuition and a positive relationship with food.   

 Nourishment: Organic, locally sourced, whole food catering by Dandelion & Mallow.  

Action Plans: Walk away with an personalised action plan containing tangible steps to achieving your fitness goals with the healthy mind set to maintain them.  

Continuing Education Credits: While this seminar is primarily tailored to individuals seeking personal knowledge, it may provide up to 3 hours CEUs for relative practitioners; Certificates available upon request.

May 17th 2020  

9am – 1pm including Morning Tea 

Value: $125 

*While we aim to present this Seminar with the balanced message of healthy body, healthy mind, if you consider yourself as someone with a vulnerability towards disordered eating/exercise, please feel free to check in as to whether you are in the right place in your journey to attend this workshop.  

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May 17 2020


1 Hour Morning Tea Break
9:00 am - 1:00 pm




Rise Wellness Studio