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Rachel Addison

Cool-Down Potion

Hands up if you have used the Fluorescent green aloe gel after too much time in the sun for a deliciously cooling affect?!?! Even better if it had been stored in the fridge!!! I have. But with our commitment to switching and ditching all unnecessary toxins and crummy-quality products for better alternatives, we’ve realised this bottle of green glory is so ridiculously unnecessary and there is a simple, logical, affordable alternative.

You might be thinking, duh, the aloe plant from the garden. True. Sort of. Where I live, we have an abundance of aloe plants right outside our door. But, have you ever tried to get the gel out of the plant? It’s actually a little bit difficult. My husband does so pretty efficiently, by using a knife to fillet it out. But even then, it isn’t exactly user-friendly as it’s like one big slimy fish and doesn’t ‘rub’ into your skin as such. You then need to blend the flesh with either an immersion blender or a thermomix/food processor. 

If you don’t have aloe plants already taking over your garden like we do, you may be able to find the cut leaves at a farmers market or a funky produce shop. Beyond that, you might like to consider getting some to pot and grow indoors. They are wonderful indoor plants to help purify the air and they are like having a growing first aide kit with all their uses for cuts, burns, inflammation & more.

If you’re simply not going to have access to real aloe, then purchasing a good quality bottle of it is your next bet, make sure you get ‘gel’ and not ‘juice’ as it’s too runny. There are some great brands around and I purchase it through iherb.com if I can’t find anything suitable at my local health food shop.  The bottom line is it should be at least 99% aloe with the only other ingredients being some form of plant-derived preservative.

So many reasons you might need this cool-down potion, but here are our the 3 favourites:

  • Too much time in the sun
  • Women Stage of Life Temperature Changes
  • Tantrums

It’s also a great quick-fix on an ‘itchy-bite’ as my kids call them, but I’m not entirely sure if that’s just placebo effect.

So the first two might be pretty obvious, just have your potion made up, store in the fridge and apply as necessary. The peppermint essential oil does provide a cooling sensation, while the lavender and frankincense are both soothing to the skin. For women who experience body temperature changes at night, a more concentrated version with peppermint just kept on the bedside table and rubbed on the back of the neck might do the trick.

Using the cooling gel for tantrums might have you somewhat perplexed – with this wild little cheetah in our house, we get plenty of use of our ‘cool-down potion’. Here’s the deal with a touch of my input as a clinical mental health practitioner. When little people experience big emotions and they haven’t quite yet developed their ability to regulate those big emotions, they can benefit from a familiar calming routine. Mindfulness or dialectical behavioral therapy are both modalities which draw on sensory experiences to self-soothe and engage in the present. The simple act of a little person applying this gel can help to slow down the adrenaline high-jacking of their little bodies & minds. The simple decision to apply it can be an empowering one, meeting such a fundamental need for autonomy. And of course the therapeutic benefits of peppermint quite literally providing a cooling effect when they are feeling their body temperatures heat up and the lavender and frankincense providing a grounding effect. Depending on your child’s personality, I encourage you to make this recipe together, label it with something that resonates with him or her and will add to the empowerment effect: ‘magic cool down potion’, ‘superhero slime’, ‘chill out medicine’, ‘fairy sparkle potion’  and of course ‘unicorn spew’ are some favourites that have been shared with me before.  When your child (or you) need some cooling off, (and they might need a gentle reminder they need cooling off by asking them if they want their potion), simply get it out and allow them to engage in a mindful application of their special gel.

Note that I have used these oils and this recipes with my kids at all ages and am perfectly comfortable with doing so. This essential oil in this recipe is very diluted, however, if you feel more comfortable consulting with a qualified practitioner, then please do so.

Here’s the recipe below, I hope you find it helpful!

Cooling Potion Recipe:


  • 1/2 cup real aloe gel
  • 1/8 cup almond oil, olive oil or fractionated coconut oil (I use olive oil I’ve infused with some skin-supporting herbs)
  • 1 TBSP Witch hazel
  • Optional 1 tsp Vitamin E
  • 20 drops total Peppermint & Lavender Essential Oils
  • Optional: any other skin or emotion supporting essential oils of choice

Mix all ingredients in a jar or squeeze/pump bottle, label and store in fridge. I just use an old squeeze bottle & since it’s so diluted and not citrus, I don’t worry too much over the plastic – but you may prefer to store in glass. Apply as needed.

To see our post on how we attempt to not get too much sun while still avoiding toxin sunscreen ingredients, check out this article: https://intertwined.co/sun-screen/ And as always, if you’re keen to get your hands on the most therapeutic oils I have ever used, just touch base, I’ll always give all credit back to whoever referred you to this page!

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