DIY Air Fresheners

A two minute DIY that anyone can do and even the kids enjoy for some craft time fun. After arriving home from 2 months travelling abroad, our cabinets and crevices needed some freshening! I use these nifty little DIY air fresheners in our fridge, cupboards, shoe cabinets, under the bed and basically anywhere around my […]

DIY Chest Rub

DIY Chest Rub With the arrival of winter, so comes cold & flu season.  I’ve written various posts in the past on how we support our immune systems and get through the discomforts of common colds with natural remedies. If making elderberry syrup or diffusing immune & respiratory blends interests you, then definitely take a […]

Indulgent Infused Dark Chocolate Brownies

WARNING: THESE ARE NOT HEALTHY, PALEO, GLUTEN FREE, VEGAN or tout any other desirable title, other than YUM! (I do at least use all organic from scratch ingredients, but to each their own). Ingredients: 230 g unsalted butter 300 g coconut &/or rapadura sugar 1 tsp baking powder 75 g cacao powder 100 g flour […]

Mint Chocolate Bliss Balls

Sunday afternoons I’ll often spend with my girls in the kitchen doing some lunchbox baking. How good is it that we can plant the seeds of real food nutrition when they are so young, because really, what kid doesn’t like rolling up ‘chocolate’ flavored gooey-ness between their little palms with a taste test or two […]

Cool-Down Potion

Hands up if you have used the Fluorescent green aloe gel after too much time in the sun for a deliciously cooling affect?!?! Even better if it had been stored in the fridge!!! I have. But with our commitment to switching and ditching all unnecessary toxins and crummy-quality products for better alternatives, we’ve realised this […]


Oh Sunscreen… We lather it on with good-intention but could what it’s become possibly be one of the biggest fails of our ever-evolving attempts to live well. I believe very little is absolute in the world of wellness recommendations; they are constantly changing, evolving and digressing for many reasons, both commendable reasons such as the […]

Ballet Hair Care

  As end of year concerts & recitals are fast-approaching, our natural ballet hair-care DIY alternatives have been on my radar. I love this article ‘The Good, The Bad and The Ugly in Beauty Care’ which covers the gist of why we avoid most big brand beauty products and opt for Young Living or DIY […]

Ningxia Red Gummies

DIY recipe for Ningxia Gummies below! So easy. So nutrient dense. Kids love them. Check out this must-have recipe to help your family through winter! We’ve talked about the benefits of Ningxia Red & we’ve talked about why it’s a great whole-food drink to supplement your wellness routine, support healthy energy, blood sugar, vision & […]

Quick & Easy Black Bean Chocolate Muffins

I love these muffins for many reasons… They are super easy, quick and inexpensive to make They freeze & defrost nicely if you’re a batch baker like me They are nut-free & lunch-box friendly Most of all, my picky toddler DEVOURS them (which means she is consuming beans without even realising it)!!! At the moment […]

Rapunzel Hair Spritz

I can still remember the days of sitting on the edge of my mom’s bed while she brushed thru my long thick locks as a little girl.. I loved how she would spritz on the ‘No More Tangles Spray’ – you know the one with a yellow label and a happy little blond with two […]